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In an earlier post I had begged for forgiveness because I had Sindh !!! Well I am happy (or guilty) to inform you all that I am continuing to sin, ably aided by the new branch of Sindh Kitchen that is now located in Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

While retaining the original menu that has richness written all over it, this place has also come up with an exclusive Sindhi Thali that stems from tried and tested homely recipes.

Come Sin with me (which is not what it sounds like :-D), as I take you through the various courses !!!

Down memory lane – 

As I mentioned, the new branch of Sindh Kitchen also serves its well loved favorites from the North West Frontier cuisines.

I cannot proceed without mentioning the evergreen (literally) palak pathha chaat (spinach leaves dipped in a light batter of chickpea flour, deep fried into a crackly treat and drizzled with tangy chutneys).

Likewise the Karare dhaniya (crispy coriander) paneer, samosa chaat, Khumb kahzana (stuffed musrooms), Soya chaap (mock meat) and the ridiculously rich gravies, all deserve to be remembered as they continue to play their part in delighting the diner alongside the newer entrants on the menu.

The catering to large parties and corporate clients, is also an ongoing activity and they serve crowds as large as 600 numbers.

Ok now let us get back to paying some attention to the new place 😀

About Sindh Kitchen Malleshwaram –

Perched atop the Bloom Boutique Hotel, the lift leads us directly to this 4th floor restaurant.

Done up in soothing shades of beige and green, the seating is comfortable and well spaced and they also have a couple of tables that are partially shielded from view by small partitions, for extra privacy. The main dining area can seat 50 people and they even have a Private Dining Room that can accommodate another 10.


Carefully handpicked designer lights add sparkle to the ambience.

The flooring is a work of art with specially ordered ‘Bombay’ tiles laid out from end to end.

At the far end is the bar counter which currently dispenses only non alcoholic beverages.


The Sindhi Thali – 

As mentioned earlier, apart from their original a la carte menu, they have now also unveiled the much awaited, specially curated Sindhi Thali consisting of over 15 finger licking dishes !!!

This is a wonderful opportunity for lovers of this cuisine, which is known for its all time comforting favorites and traditional delights.

This unlimited thali includes a plethora of dishes, right from chaats to the main course to delectable desserts.

This thali will be available at their Malleshwaram outlet and will be served daily at both lunch and dinner, with prior reservation.

As is evident from the picture, the spread is lavish and unlimited … well it is limited only by the capacity of your tummy 😀

While the dishes are served on a rotational basis, the general trend would involve Daal pakwan (crisp deep fried flat bread dunked in creamy seasoned lentils), Palak chaat, Satpura (a 7 layered spiced flat bread, Alu tuk (double fried flattened crispy potato), Papad, Dahi, Kadhi Chawal (tangy curry and steamed rice), Koki (a rich whole wheat flatbread studded with onions and spices), Poori, Palak paneer, Dum alu, Sai bhaji (a gravy using lentils, spinach and vegetables), Bhuga chawal (a type of flavored rice) and pickle.


The non veg thali would include dishes like Sindhi mutton curry and Sindhi chicken curry.

A beverage like a Beet infused drink or Lemon ginger mint cooler, will accompany the thali.

Dessert could be either Mung dal halwa or Angoori rasmalai or Gulab jamoon. No reprieve there … all of them are equally guiltworthy.

And if you are very lucky, they have the traditional Pragri with rabadi that is usually made on Holi (but at a restaurant like this, most days are Holi’days 😀 ) Pragei is a crisp, deep fried puff, with khoya stuffed within its many layers.


Contact and reservations – 

Sindh Kitchen can be accessed at –

The Sindh Kitchen FB page  and Sindh Kitchen Instagram

Address –

No. 8, Bloom Boutique Hotel, 4th floor, 1st cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Phone –

+91 9650616707
+91 9845725000

Prior reservation is necessary.


For more pictures see My Facebook – Sindh Kitchen Malleshwaram. Also catch me on My Twitter and My Instagram

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