The Fatty Bao – Big Fat Mango Harvest

Sunny, summery, sassy, stunning should be a satisfactory way to describe the Spread at our favorite Asian gastrobar, The Fatty Bao’s ‘Big Fat Mango harvest’ that we were invited to reap from in the chic and trendy environs of their air conditioned terrace 😀
Put together by Chef Prashanth and team, this turned out to be a light, flavorful and delightful curation that outdid their creations of summers gone by.


Yes the May’ngo is back and is everywhere … and yes no one complains, for one can never have too much of this emperor of fruits. So we rejoice in it’s presence in the sushi, the salads, the curries, the desserts and of course the Baontiful Baos … and we do not forget the magic that it can stir into a cocktail either !!!


Speaking of stirring, I had the Asian Beet with Gin, mango pulp, lemongrass and beet juice … for good health of course 😀
As always, we made sure we sampled from neighboring glasses and of the Hula Coolah, By the Bay and Sun Drowner, the last one with White rum, mango, basil and chilli was what I would pick to drown in if I visit again.

We began with the Mango avocado sushi rolled with spicy sauce, cucumber and iceberg lettuce which was a perfect start, followed by the Green Mango and Prawn Salad which was the star of the meal. A disc of tender coconut jelly bearing inset poached prawns and dotted with ripe and raw mango gel and topped off with bits of black sesame lattice, made this work of art appealing to the visual senses as well as the palate, with it’s contrasts in colors, textures and flavors.

One cannot dine at The Fatty Bao and not taste the baos and what more incentive does one need, when it is a Crab Cake Bao with green mango kimchi and crispy garlic ?

The Mango and Sriracha glazed chicken wings were up next along with the
Stir fried Pork Tenderloin with mango, dried chillies, bell pepper and onions.
Yes there would be an aPork’alypse if the pork lovers were not appeased !!!

For the mains, the light but satisfying Thai Mango and Seafood Curry with Jasmine rice hit the spot with all the right flavors.


Mangoes were created to make desserts even more fun and the Mango Panna Cotta of the previous mango season was back on popular demand.
With melt in the mouth (and melt while we waste time shooting) panna cotta topped with mango bits and mini meringues and served with a quenelle of cream, this was a tough contender to the new Mango and Yuzu Meringue with yogurt cream and mango coulis, topped with painstakingly scooped out mini balls of mango that gave it a Boondi laddoo effect 😀
The whole thing was served in a mango shell,
And thus they presented it very well !!!

And before the poet in me is unleashed, let me conclude with information that would be useful to those who would want to write their own (mang)odes !!!

Duration of the festival – May 12th-28th, 2017

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 7pm to 10.30pm
Dinner: 7pm to 11.30pm (Fri & Sat)
(Children 10 years and below are welcome for lunch only)

Approx price for two for the a la carte meal would be in the range of –
Rs. 1,600 ++ without alcohol and
Rs. 2,500 ++ with alcohol

May 13th,2017

For more pictures see My Facebook – The Fatty Bao-Big Fat Mango harvest

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