The Leela Palace – Cheung Fun festival

Asian food at the Leela Palace ? It do’Zen get better than this.

Zen, the Asian restaurant that nestles in a dreamy corner of the palatial Leela Palace, is showcasing the unique textures of Cheung Fun, which are Cantonese rice noodle rolls that are put together by encasing various fillings like shrimp, pork, beef and vegetables in a translucent, thin, flat sheet of steamed rice noodle.


I was invited to experience the Fun (Fun intended šŸ˜€ ), at the ongoing Cheung Fun Festival and the handcrafted rolls with their perfectly rendered texture and flavorful fillings, certainly made Chewing Fun !!!
(I do tend to imagine that Pan Asian dishes have been named in accordance with the sensations that they evoke in me … Yum right ?)


Our appetites were whetted with a start of Prawn crackers, a spicy Manchow broth and a light peanut and lettuce salad and then our little group had the pleasure of proceeding to sample some of their finest Cheung Fun that were curated for us by Chef Abhijit, who also enlightened us with the description of these rolls.


We were served portions of the Crispy prawn cheung fun, with its mix of textures and pop of flying fish roe … clearly the winner of the day. We also had the steam chicken and black pepper, the BBQ pork and the Steam Angus with spicy hoisin sauce. The latter too had extremely tender Angus meat, though the sauce was not really spicy.

The vegetarian Crispy vegetable cheung fun was the equivalent of the crispy prawn and the water chestnut filling made it another favorite at the table. Three style mushroom was a close contender for first place too šŸ˜€

Well the chef decided that we could not be let off without a main course and though we were quite done, we were served rice and noodles along with chicken.


The refreshing Litchi sorbet and the exotic Wasabi cheese cake, using Valrhona white chocolate and wild berry compote, were our dessert choices !!!

The Cheung Fun Festival at Zen – The Leela Palace, is on from 2nd-15th
May, 2017 and has prices ranging from Rs 500 – Rs 1000 per variant.

Available for – Lunch – 12 noon – 3.30 pm
Dinner – 7 pm – 11.30 pm

Go, be a part of the Fun !!!

May 6th, 2017

For more pictures see My Facebook – The Leela Palace-Cheung Fun festival

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