The Park – Notorious Sunday Brunch

After a long hard week (or as in my case, several hard weeks), there is no better place to Park yourself than at The Park Hotel, off MG Road. Right in the heart of bustling Bangalore and yet tucked away in a quiet little niche of its own, this compact place does offer you plenty of entertainment by way of food, drink and a swimming pool, to enjoy a truly laid back Sunday.

I was invited to their newly designed Notorious brunch (no they did not name it after me 😀 ), which is into its 3rd week now. Laid out partially by the poolside and partially indoors, this also allows us the usage of the pool.

Live counters, sensibly placed outdoors, included a smokin hot tandoor, a chaat section, tava fry and a full fledged pizza oven (yes I know there is nothing like a half fledged oven).

Buffet counters at the Monsoon restaurant inside, bore the soups, salads, small eats, main course and desserts. The spread spanned Indian, Continental and Asian cuisine.

For those who opt for the alcoholic option, there is a Make your own Mimosa bar, where sparkling wine (Prosecco) mingles happily with juices and fruit of your choice and turns into dainty, bright hued Mimosas. This is apart from the beers, Grey Goose vodka and other IMFL alcohol that one can indulge in.

We chose to get High … by sitting on top of the cabana next to the pool. The little wooden staircase leading up to the roof, was my discovery for the day. I had not known of it despite having visited the Park several times in the past. A grand old Pipal tree throws its cover over the cabana … a shade that is going to be needed more than ever, now that summer is bullying its untimely way in.


We sipped on cool cocktails, chilled beer and of course the bubbly mimosas … while we nibbled on kababs, pizzas, chaat and samosas (yes I know it rhymes 😀 )

Cold cuts, fresh fruit, cheese and caper berries made for a refreshing platter and we lolled around for  quite a bit before we dragged ourselves down for the main course, lured by the Prawn Poshto that peeped palatably from the platter 😀

A crispy ‘carrot noodle’ with deep fried carrot spirals, also made it to my plate and so did a smoky, earthy baby brinjal salad. I really could not do justice to much else after the starters but for those who would, there are soups, burgers, stir fries, bakes, curries, Indian flatbreads, rice, noodles and pasta to pick from.

I could not say no to dessert and a rasgulla, chamcham and panna cotta made their way to my plate. The Bengali sweets were good but the panna cotta could have been less ‘gelatin laden’. The coffee and chocolate ice creams however, were delightful and low on sweetness and I did indulge a bit there.

The large chairs with tempting cushions had me trying to control to urge to go back and curl up and snooze after that heavy meal. And I do not think the friendly staff would have had the heart to wake me up and send me away. But my companions wished to leave, so I regretfully had to follow.

The food is good and service is friendly.

The brunch is priced at an All Inclusive –

Rs 1700/- without alcohol (only soft drinks)

Rs 2500/- with the above mentioned alcohol

Contact them at – The Park Hotel, Bangalore


For more pictures see My Facebook – The Park Hotel-Notorious Sunday Brunch

Feb 18th, 2018


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