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Keep Clam and eat Seafood !!!

Fish lovers in Bangalore have yet another fin’tastic option.
Fish Factory has dived into the seafood dining space of the city and has made a splash with its fresh catch, straight off the coasts of Mangalore, Karwar and Cochin.

This hidden gem was revealed to me via their recent invitation, although it had been open to the public right from Sep 22nd, 2017. They probably wanted to give the rest of Bangalore a chance, before I attacked

I was accompanied by my good friend Suresh Hinduja, Bangalore’s well known connoisseur of food and drink.

This cozy 40 cover dining space, serves its fish’y fare only at dinner time, which explains why my pictures do not do justice to the superb meal.

One is entranced at the entrance, by a display of the various options lying on a bed of ice, above which hangs the board bearing the day’s catch, hand written in chalk and stating the price by weight.

Lobsters, Pomfret, Red snapper, Mackerel, King Fish, Kaney (Lady fish), Tiger prawns, Grouper, Croaker and Mud crab are their regular offerings and these lie languorously, luring you with their lustrous sheen while you torture yourself wondering what to pick. Yes because as a seafood lover, you would probably say – What the ‘L and proceed pick them all

At times, Duck and Quail also make their appearance … because ducks swim right ?

(though I do not know whether quails do) but other meat items or veg dishes are not on the menu.

Mobile trolleys, complete with grills and flame, roll up to the table and there is an interactive cooking session for those who want to cook their fish and eat it too … or in the case of crab, I would call it -Having your ‘kekda’ and eating it too !!!

One could opt for any cooking style of choice. Grilled, fried, flambéed … just ignite your imagination and they will whip up what you desire.

They have a range of marinades and sauces to pick from, right from Indian to Continental and whatever you crave in between. Your Fish … er Wish is their command !!!

Of course various styles of fish curries are also available for those who want to go the traditional way.

Head chef Nachiket Vichare hails from coastal Maharashtra and knows his fish very well. Along with his skilled team, he connects with the guests and gives them an experience to cherish.

Fish Factory also has a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, mocktails and wines and one can pick their beverage of choice, to accompany their meal.

Waiter, there’s a Chef in my glass !!!

We started out with prawn crackers that were quite addictive and we made sure that refills came our way, throughout the meal.

Our first choice was the grand Lobster Thermidor that arrived borne on a platter with accompanying butter tossed veggies. The meat was succulent and the white wine sauce was a perfect companion, enhancing and complementing the inherent flavors of the lobster.

Don’t tell anyone but we also asked for extra sauce to dip our prawn crackers in.

The Crab that came next, was on the tinier side but the meat was sweet and prepared to perfection. The claws were helpfully cracked for us and all we had to do was scoop out chunks of gorgeous meat. The crab belly needed all 10 fingers and because of the small size, it was tough to do justice and extricate all the meat. Of course, one can throw decorum to the winds and chew up the whole darned thing and lick fingers without worrying about the finer feelings of co diners (who would probably be doing the same anyway 😀 )

Impressive sized Tiger Prawns followed, slathered in butter garlic sauce and again done to perfection by the chef who knew exactly how to handle his shellfish.

We ended with the humble Mackerel, which broke out of its fishy cocoon and metamorphosed into a sophisticated butterfly … well at Suresh Hinduja’s behest, anything is possible

and on his instruction, the chef performed a very deft filleting of the fish and the resultant flour coated, shallow fried crisp butterfly avatar, was one of the best ways that I have eaten this fish. Mackerel being so common (read boring) in my Mangalorean cuisine, I was pleasantly surprised by this innovative way of cooking it.

For dessert we opted for a Bubble waffle (which was quite apt, since we were feeling like bubbles that were about to burst) with crispy exteriors and gooey interiors. And these, topped with chocolate sauce and ice cream … and yes colorful, crunchy sprinkles for good measure, were a decadent way to end what we called, a generous ShellFish meal

Fish factory is at Citrus Cunningham

You can also find their FB page here

Fish Factory, Citrus Cunningham, 34, Cunningham Road
For reservations please contact – 080 45390000/8150811209

A meal for two could be in the region of Rs 2500

For more pictures see My Facebook-Citrus Cunningham-Fish Factory

Feb 23rd, 2018

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