The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore – Indonesian Island Hopping

Well a few days ago I had promised all of you the details of my Indonesian meal at the Ritz Carlton and here is the delicious story for your pleasure 😀
Made in India gets a whole new meaning, as Chef Made Kanyasa from the Ritz Carlton, Bali, Indonesia, graces Bangalore with his affable and skilled presence.
He brings to us the Indonesian Island Hopping food festival and has us Hopping in joy with his delectable creations.
And with around 6000 islands that make up Indonesia, there is some serious hopping to do 😀

Indonesian cuisine bears the effects of many different races like Indian, Chinese, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch, who have have left their mark on the cuisine, resulting in a delicious tapestry of textures and flavors. 
Knowing my love for Asian food, Gargi Guha of The Ritz Carlton, was kind enough to invite me for a tasting of some of the dishes that the chef had curated.
The festival is a part of the regular buffet at the Market restaurant and as you can see, even the staff were dressed impecca’Bali 😀 in the traditional attire of the island.

Well with all my favorites like pork, seafood, coconut, duck and the like, this was an invite I could not refuse, despite my hectic schedule.
And the food that soothed the body and soul, was exactly what I needed.
Yes of course I began with the Coconut prawn soup (did you have any doubts ?) and the subtle yet distinct flavors awoke the taste buds into an anticipation of the rest of the meal to come.
There were parallel vegetarian options for all the dishes and the Coconut and young papaya soup looked most appetizing too.
Salads were the crunchy banana flower with coconut and Beans tossed with chicken.
Dont miss the brilliant dressings and sauces and violently red chilli accompaniments, which are much tamer than they appear 😀
This is Indonesia, so there certainly was chicken Satay from the chef’s grill with its accompanying creamy peanut sauce.
Red beans steamed in banana leaf packets, formed the vegetarian starters.
For the mains of course, I tasted a bit of everything on offer and the Fresh seafood stir fried in Balinese paste with prawns, scallops and calamari, was my favorite, though it did have some stiff competition from the Pork belly roasted in Balinese spice and the Deep fried crispy duck with lemon grass and shallot salsa. The chef revealed his secret to making the duck tender (but if I tell you, then it will not be a secret any more). 
Stir fried green beans and a Karee sayuran (mixed vegetable curry) were the vegetarian dishes.
There was a refreshing tender coconut drink colored with beet and zinged with lime, that was a matching accompaniment to this meal.
There were a couple of desserts that Chef Made made (did you think I would spare you that pun ?) and the Rice pudding pandanus, a rice paste sweetened with palm sugar and accompanied by ripe jackfruit soaking in palm sugar, was a great way to end the meal. The steamed sticky rice and pumpkin sweetened with palm sugar, was another of his desserts.
Chef is showcasing Indonesian cuisine in 3 stages of a fortnight each, differentiated by 3 regions of the country and a quick summary of all the details are given below.
The festival is available both at lunch and dinner at The Market.
Bountifully Bali – Signatures from the beautiful island
Dates – 15th to 31st January
INR1750+ Taxes for Lunch
INR1950+ Taxes for Dinner
Indonesia Inspired –
Delights from greater Indonesia.
Dates – 1st to 15th February
INR1750+ Taxes for Lunch
INR1950+ Taxes for Dinner
Javanese Aromas – Piquant flavors from Java.
Dates –16th to 28th February
INR1750+ Taxes for Lunch
INR1950+ Taxes for Dinner
This is a great opportunity for lovers of Indonesian cuisine, to indulge in some authentic fare.
In addition to the buffets, the chef is also conducting Cooking classes for those who want to recreate these dishes at home long after the chef has left 😀
The schedule is as follows –
Balinese – 19th January
Indonesian – 9th February
Javanese – 23rd February

Timings:  11am- 12:30pm

Price: INR 2000++

For reservations, please call – 080 4914 8000 / 9741035124

Jan 16th, 2018
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  1. The food looks great! 🙂
    LOVE the traditional attire of the staff!

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