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Farm Made Foods – Free Range Eggs

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a free range egg farm and if you are likewise prone to delight at the thought of ethical, humane, healthy and sustainable rearing practices, then you too will find this story very comforting … Continue reading

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Ragi (Finger Millet) Milk

People who have been following my blog, will notice that while I am quick to update my travel posts and pictures, I am quite laid back when it comes to taking the trouble to post recipes 😀 This is because … Continue reading

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Khichdi with Barnyard Millets

I have been asked innumerable times as to what one can do with millets. Well for a start, one can do everything that one can do with regular rice and then some more. I have been working with the Govt … Continue reading

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Raw Straw

When 2 IT professionals, a Psychologist and an Engineer meet, the agenda is bound to be extremely important, right ? And what can be more important than food … and healthy food at that ? Sagar and Mahitha (the IT … Continue reading

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