Rasovara – Vrat Thali

These are some of the components of the Vrat ki Thali that is being served at the Rasovara for Navratri 2017.

These are special dishes consumed during days of fasting and ingredients such as Buckwheat flour (kuttu), Amaranth flour (rajgira) and Singhada flour (water chestnut) are used instead wheat, rice, cornflour, semolina and even all lentils and legumes.

Well for me it was more of F(e)asting since I have not tasted many of these items before and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Of course Rasovara being highly hospitable as usual, had sent enough food to break even my neighbor’s fasts 
Yeah the same neighbors from whom I have stolen some of the brass and silver ware used in these shots !!!

Going clockwise from the top we have the – Sookhi alu sabji, fruit, sabudana papad, sweet lassi, rajgira rotla topped with keley ki sabji, rajgira poori, kuttu ke pakoday, batata papad, farali patties, sama rice, tomato dal, sabu dana kichdi. There was also rajgira kadhi but I forgot about it in my excitement 

Creamy dreamy Srikhand was the dessert but I dunked the pooris into it and ate them.


The special thali is on from Sep 21st to 29th, 2017

Sep 26th, 2017

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