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When 2 IT professionals, a Psychologist and an Engineer meet, the agenda is bound to be extremely important, right ? And what can be more important than food … and healthy food at that ?

Sagar and Mahitha (the IT guy and Psychologist respectively), the couple who in their own words were on a quest for clean, fresh, and healthy food that was also delicious, found that their options in the city were limited and hence decided that self help was the best help. This resulted in their bravely foraying into the restaurant business and with the able help of Monika (the IT lady turned food blogger and menu designer), Raw Straw was born.
And who better to analyse it than the engineer turned foodie ie yours truly ? 😀

Happy to accept an invite to experience the work of these 3 brilliant people, I found my self lunching at the restaurant in their wonderful company.


The place is warm and cozy and splashes of yellow intersperse with the whites to create a perfect blend of the bright and the sedate. Strips of LED lights on the ceiling, diffuse through cleverly attached sheets of jute, giving the place a feel of daylight.
The seating is a combination of High stools, regular tables and low seating and the furniture and upholstery are from up cycled and natural material and fabric.
Books and board games line the shelves and an entire wall bears sketches that depict a combination of their philosophy, a bit of Bangalore and words to motivate one into being happier (though I assure you, the food will take care of your happiness) 😀



The menu which aims to offer items that are sans preservatives, artificial coloring, refined or processed ingredients, is a wholesome and well crafted mix of smoothies, salads, juices, all day breakfast, short eats and hearty eats.

The fresh juices are completely undiluted and I fell in love with the Golden glow elixir with Apple, lemon, orange, ginger and fresh turmeric … really H(e)aldi 😀 The ‘Antioxidant’ with the carrot, pineapple, orange and ginger was delightful too. For that matter, I could easily recommend all their juices since they sounded so appealing.


I also sampled from the Chia seeds and muesli parfait with fresh fruit, the Rainbow sandwiches with beet, carrot and hung curd filling and a lick worthy green chutney, Oat and peanut butter waffles with caramelized bananas, which would be best described using an oxymoron, as a healthy food decadence 😀 , the Pesto, millet and mozzarella salad to tickle the millet lover in me, the Sourdough meets avocado open sandwich, seriously what’s not to love ?, the Thai style coconut curry soup with flat rice noodles, are you drooling already ? and finally the Mexican chickpeas, quinoa and apple salsa Buddha bowl … that had to end in Nirvana right ?




The place is in the midst of a quiet and green locality with ample street parking. One can just sit there for hours curled up with a book or playing a game of chess or two while indulging guilt free on the lovely fare.

I wish Sagar and Mahitha all the best in this meaningful venture and congratulate Monika on a job well done 

As their wall says – If you can dream it, do it … and that is exactly what they are doing !!!


PS – Monika has been a long suffering observer (victim?) of my punning and has threatened me with dire consequences if I overdo it here.
Which is why I have refrained from captioning this write up – A healthy gRawStraw’nomical venture … that would have truly been the Last Straw for her 😀

Raw Straw #412, 9th main, 1st block HRBR layout, 560043 Bangalore, India

July 13th, 2017


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