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Wondering what to eat ? … don’t break your Head’u over it !!!
For as the menu says – When in doubt, just break an Edu over it !!!

And while this theory might seem rather Ova the top to others, Edus or Eedas (meaning eggs) are pretty much the answer to all the eating problems faced by the Parsis 

Now its all very well to stick to this advice but when a non-eggitarian and her pure vegetarian friend make their way to SodaBottleOpenerWala (fondly and lazily known as SBOW), they obviously need a different solution to their dining woes and luckily for them, SBOW turns out to be fair and imParsi’al towards all dining choices.

My friend and I were invited to a tasting of their recently enhanced menu. Having dined there in the past, I was familiar with many of their dishes and I was quite keen to try out the new additions in both the food and drink categories.

So lets first get the drinkin’ over with !!! We were very keen to have the Gaana nu ras because I have this insatiable Ghanna ki Tamanna but unfortunately they were out of sugarcane and hence we had to settle for the Sekanje Bin a Persian drink of mint and prunes, which quite made up for the missing sugarcane juice.
We were also recommended the Bumsuckerwala … yeah yeah what’s in a name ? The vodka, raspberry and thyme would intoxicate just as well, by any title 

From the starters we had the corny sounding Adu Tedhu baby corn fry and the deep fried crisp fritters were perfectly done and went well with their special cheese sauce.
Even more corny (carni?) was the Carnivore’s Bhel, bhel puri with chicken, bacon and ham, which is definitely something for the meat lovers to pig out on !!!

In a bid to taste all that was new, we tried the guava jelly bun maska, with the lightest ever bun smeared with delicious guava jam. I did not taste the vada pao but my friend thought it was pretty authentic. The wine jelly biscuit was sadly out of stock.
I also could not manage to have the Mutton and veg puffs but I did click a picture and the Angry Bird lookalike (or Darth Vader if you wish) glaring at you in the album, is the non veg one that they were urging me to try. See if you can spot it.

Salad was the fresh Cafreal with the chicken (or veg) dressed in a zingy cafreal masala.

The Chicken/veg soup for the Bambaiyya soul, stole my heart and tongue and tummy and soul … a delicious broth of barley and chicken/veg, simmered in a flavorful stock. I think I could have this at every meal, all my life. The veg version was equally appreciated.

At the main course, they were also out of the highly recommended Tarela rainbow Trout … and though this unavailability seemed to be the trend Tru’out this meal, the seafood lover in me, was mollified by the Squid and Prawn Patio. Delicately done squid and prawns in a sweet and sour masala … the kind where you want to go to the chef and say – Now Patio’self on the back !!!

The vegetarian had the Brinjal and drumstick kari and the Paneer Sanju Baba (apparently Sanjay Dutt’s recipe), which was a bit sweetish. The soft and crispy Jaloo’s malai na paratha, helped mop up the gravies.

And dhan dhar was the Dhan Dhar Patio … which is a part of their daily specials, a combination of steamed rice, dal and a squishy pumpkin accompaniment. I am not a fan of pumpkin in this form so I stuck with my own earlier Patio.

Desserts were the highly acclaimed Matunga coffee cake, a rich cake flavored with filter coffee and doused in Whisky caramel sauce and served hidden in a steel coffee filter  … to confuse you even before imbibing the alcohol.
The White chocolate hazelnut orange brownie was next and this is sure to please white chocolate lovers.
My favorite though was the Pumpkin crumble served on a tart base. Yeah I do like my pumpkin in desserts 

Go to SBOW to try out their new (and old) items. Lovers of this cuisine will find plenty to appeal to their palates.

Many thanks to those who interacted with us. Deenaz the Unit head, Chef Manbeer, Vivek the manager and Dhiraj (aptly named Courage) who bravely and patiently waited on the two ladies who for the most part could not make up their minds 

For more pictures see My Facebook – SodaBottleOpenerWala-New menu

Oct 4th ,2016

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