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How does one savor the flavor of a place? Right from its streets of course. Alleys and pathways that serve fare that symbolize its soul, more than any of its fine dining restaurants could. Food that carries with it tales of history and heritage and transports to you the essence of the land.

So listen to the stories that have been brought to you by management professional turned restaurateur Akshay Luthria and his mother Vandana Luthria, whose love for food led them to opening a restaurant of their own, where they now bestow upon Bangalore’s palate, treats from various streets that dot the globe, including of course some favorites from our very own tapestry of Indian ‘khana’.

I know you cannot wait to discover what they have in store for us, so let us step inside and peep.

About the owners –

Akshay and his mother are no strangers to the restaurant business. They ran the very successful regional food restaurant, the Sindh Kitchen for a few years, where they had an opportunity to showcase their own traditional cuisine and offer Bangalore a unique dining experience.

Location logistics and such issues resulted in the closing of the place but the desire to feed Bangalore remained strongly alive.

A providential participation in the prestigious WOAP (World On A Plate) event in June 2018, won them the Best restaurant 2018, an honor awarded by esteemed judges and celebrity chefs Sarah Todd, George Calombaris, Ravneer Brar and Saransh Goila. The winning entries were traditional vegetarian snacks presented with unusual and exotic twists and this victory propelled Akshay into foraying into a purely vegetarian space that would serve well known classics, enhanced with their own special touch.

About the restaurant –

Street Storyss, yes with the extra ‘S’ as per numerology, is the charming restaurant that was born in August 2019 and in this short span of time, it has already managed to capture the hearts of many. Situated strategically at an accessible and central location, this pure vegetarian place also caters to vegans and those with other dietary preferences.

Targeting millennials as well as food lovers from all walks of life, this is poised as a Fun Dining place where the vibe is happy and so is the belly.

Popular street foods and other classic items have been given exciting makeovers by well known masterchefs Tarun Sibal and Nishant Choubey, who have crafted dishes that are familiar and yet possess a dramatic twist or two.

Decor –

A teal blue door welcomes you into a bright, cheerful space that is done up in gentle shades of white and pastel hues. The ambience is cozy with sufficient seating for 50 people both indoors and in a tiny 9 seater semi al fresco alcove. The air conditioning shuts out the noise from the road and the greenery from the numerous potted plants adds a refreshing touch.

The wall art is hand painted and is stylishly modern. The skillful outlining is the work of well known artist Samantha King whose forte is capturing the vibe of a place through her works and whose minimalist and eye catching paintings were created free hand with nothing more than a felt pen and a ruler.

A shelf filled with stacked ceramic crockery draws your attention and you admire the patterns and colors of the painstakingly customized hand crafted serving ware.

The indoor seating is comfortable and aligned well enough to give you a sense of personal space. The balcony space can get a tad noisy and warm in the day time but is a delightful option in the evenings.

A noteworthy point to make is that the washroom here is spic and span and the toilet seat is protected by the Safety seat mechanism which rotates the disposable seat cover at the press of a button and the carousel like movement ensures a fresh surface for every user.

Menu –

The ingredients used are all natural with no artificial colors or additives. As far as possible, most of the items are sourced locally.

The menu as mentioned, is a curation of popular foods from several locations, each one duly accorded with an interesting twist of the master’s hand. So we have crowd pleasers like chaat, with Pani puri with 3 kinds of pani and the Avocado mousse papdi chaat. A Burmese Khowsuey with Maggi noodles if you please, a Rajma khichdi rissoto, a DIY Palak pathha chaat which is veganisable and so on, fill up the rest of the menu.

Ask them what they recommend and they promptly suggest the Textures of eggplant, a creamy sauce glistening with baby brinjals and mopped up with daintily puffed whole wheat pita bread. But do not forget to order the Bangkok stir fry too, which has cuboids of brinjal deep fried to an unrecognizably exotic texture and slathered with a tangy sauce.

It is hard to pick favorites here because every item throws up an element of pleasant surprise.

The desserts likewise are a combination of the homely and the fancy and we have the dainty Motichoor laddoo in filo pastry, a Double ka meetha sandwich with aerated malai, the Frozen coffee malai with biscotti crumb and the decadent Dating Diary which is a melange of khova, almonds and dates that is baked and topped with cinnamon ice cream.

Speaking of ice creams, the in house machine churns out 100 percent vegan in house concoctions and offers you every possible permutation and combination. Does your heart desire vegan or gluten free or soy free or sugar free? All they need is an advance heads up and your wish (dish?) is their command.

Healthy and energizing beverages like the Kokum masala, the vegan Oats and banana lassi, the vegan Mango chilli coconut drink etc, are seriously delightful accompaniments to the food.

Need something to invigorate yourself after all this food? Well their special coffee machine brews up some super strong Brazilian blends to shake you out of that stupor which the food lulled you into.

My Meal – 

I had the pleasure of dining here on more than one occasion and with different groups of people. Hence I could nibble at a variety of dishes and sample quite a range of what they have to offer.

My conquests are best shown graphically, so enjoy the pictures with your eyes and allow them to entice you to visit and likewise delight your palate.

And yes I am sure you want to know what my favorites were … the Chilli mango coconut drink for the coastal gene in me, the Avocado mousse papdi chaat … because avocado!!!, Pan fried dimsums, the Bangkok stir fry with those insanely yummy brinjal bits, Watermelon feta salad, the Palak pathha chaat that has steadfastly followed them from the Sindh Kitchen days and many many more.

But go there yourself and make your own list … it is going to be a tough job to choose.

Upcoming excitement –

Resting on his laurels, is not Akshay’s forte 😀 and the restless chap is constantly plotting and scheming and cooking up new ideas in his head, which his chefs in turn cook up in their kitchen.

With a menu that promises to thrill you with reinventions every 6 months, we wait with bated breath for the upcoming Kathal Galouti kabab with mascarpone, mock meats and many more. And with promises of Kathal biryani that will be as good as, if not better than even a lamb biryani, we certainly have ongoing excitement to look forward to.

Commitment to the environment –

It is noteworthy that an eatery of such small proportions is dedicated to reducing the burden on mother earth and maintains a 99 percent plastic free kitchen.

They have therefore even eschewed packing material that is not eco friendly and hence they currently do not have home delivery. However, they are in the process of designing their own containers fashioned from plant based material and using those for transporting food.

Of course their policies entail the avoiding of plastic water bottles too and RO purified water is served to the diners. Those who prefer bottled water have the option of buying the Veen brand of natural mineral water from the Himalayas, which is packaged in reusable and aesthetically pleasing, collectible glass water bottles.

They have specially ordered a machine from China to process waste food into compost which in turn will be used to encouraging their indoor plants into growing and glowing healthy.

Contact – 

Instagram of Street Storyss

Facebook page of Street Storyss

Website of Street Storyss  

Address –

Thomsun music, 3155, Srinivasan Towers, Opp, Indiranagar Double Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Phone – +91 98109 46339

Timings – 12.30 pm – 11 pm

Weekly holiday – None

Average Meal for two – Rs 1400 + taxes

Parking – Street side

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