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We are now at the end of the ‘quadrology’ that began with the brands Hakka Chow  Bangalore Pizza Company and Mad Mex which brought to us Asian, pizzas and Tex Mex cuisines respectively. These home delivery brands as I had mentioned, are the brainchild of Chef Vikas of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure. So the promised 4th cuisine from this portfolio, is here at last and this time it is our very own Indian … and North Indian to be more specific.

Chef Vikas is a good friend of mine and is a highly talented chef who has over two decades of work experience. He is well travelled and has journeyed across some of the best culinary capitals of the world. He is the man behind the iconic Sriracha and Sanchez restaurants, which are proof enough that whatever he touches will turn to gold.

Chef Vikas is a Punjabi himself and his Amritsari upbringing is sufficient cause to get us all excited about his home cuisine. Garam Masala brings to us North Indian delicacies with flavors as vibrant as that of the spice mix that the label symbolizes.

So let us now proceed to unbox the treats and though Chef has these 4 brands currently, we do hope they will expand their repertoire and delight us with more cuisines in future.

The Menu –

The a la carte menu is North Indian and covers an array of traditional and popular dishes like kababs, tikkas, makanwalas, dals, biryanis, rotis etc etc.

They also have an economical Thali of the Day, both in vegetarian and non vegetarian options, which consist of an appetizer, a side dish, dal, rice, roti and dessert.

Packaging –

The brand maintains a commitment to eco friendly material and uses bio degradable boxes that are made of corn starch as well as food grade paper. The packs are sturdy, elegant, leak proof and bear details of the cuisine via prints of colorful spices across the labels.

My Tasting Menu –

As you know, just 10 days ago I received the sampling menu for Mad Mex on my husband’s birthday and likewise, this time the fare from Garam Masala graced my table on my birthday. It looks like it’s becoming a tradition to celebrate our special occasions with this brand 😀

So apart from the huge amounts of food that we received, there was also a decadent and irresistible cake to make the day even more exciting.

The menu was a very balanced mix of veg and non veg, since my family is veg.

Slow roasted Tandoori mushrooms with coriander chutney, creamy Malai broccoli with chilli garlic yogurt, Ajwaini fish tikka with tender morsels of River sole served with anardana mint chutney and luscious chunks of House favorite chicken tikka with chilli yogurt dip, were the appetizers.

The mains had the quintessential Murg makhanwala with shredded , boneless chicken in its classic creamy gravy, the Nalli Nihari with a slow cooked shank of mutton that fell off the bone, dunked in an oil rich gravy, Paneer makhanwala, the veg ‘must have’ counter part of the chicken, the classic Dal makhani with the black lentils simmered in a melange of the chef’s secret spices and the Vegetable kofta curry with deep fried mashed vegetable balls steeped in gravy … creamy of course, for that is the theme here, in case you have not noticed 😀

Apart from all this, there was their signature Kulhad mutton biryani served with raitha, its long grained basmathi rice and tender mutton on the bone, wedded together with a special spice mix and served in an earthenware pot (kulhad) sealed with a sheet of dough as is typical of a dum biryani. Vegetarians fear not, for they have the Kulhad shahi subz biryani too.

The gravies was accompanied by an array of breads like Khamiri roti, Tandoori roti, Missi Roti and Jeera rice.

Dessert was Rasgulliya with half a dozen mini gulab jamuns stuffed with home made gulkand. It really dozen get better than that 😀

Watch the video here –

Contact details –

Order through Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo to your preferred location. The detailed menu is available on these platforms.

The menu is also available on the Facebook Page of Garam Masala.

You can also use Swiggy Genie or Dunzo to any location in Bangalore.

Delivery Timings – 11:30 – 10:30 pm

Phone –




Priced at –  INR 150 upwards (plus tax)

For more pictures see My Facebook – Garam Masala

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August 27th, 2020


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