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As promised in the posts on Hakka Chow and Bangalore Pizza Company, we are now proceeding on the culinary home delivery trail with the next stop at Mad Mex.

This varied range of cuisines, is making our sordid corona bound lives very exciting and for this we are grateful to Chef Vikas of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure.

Chef Vikas is a good friend of mine and is a highly talented chef who has over two decades of work experience. He is well travelled and has journeyed across some of the best culinary capitals of the world with a prolonged stint in Mexico, which makes him one of the best people to showcase Mexican cuisine in Bangalore.

He has been the brains behind the iconic Sanchez restaurant and now brings us Mexico on a plate in a home delivery format via the new entrant called Mad Mex. So if you are Mad about Mex, then this is where you get your fix 😀

(And as an aside, after this do wait for the final cuisine in the ‘quad-rology’ which is the Garam Masala brand serving our very own Indian!!!)

The Menu –

An amalgam of Texan and Mexican cuisine, Mad Mex uses locally available ingredients to create delicious flavors to please the local palate.

The menu spans the typical offerings like nachos, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, etc and some all time favorites like baked potato skins, guacamole etc and also includes some unusual dishes like the Pulled jackfruit burrito bowl served with quinoa, which will keep pulling your fingers towards it as you addictively reach for more 😀

Another dish that warrants mention is the Corn ribs, whose innocuous appearance belies the burst of flavor and texture that truly surprises and pleases.

The Packaging –

This needs its own space in the limelight, being as it were of bio degradable material, so aptly made out of corn starch. Sturdy, elegant and eco friendly with attention to detail as detailed by the multi hued cactii, chillies, maracas and other Mexican paraphernalia strewed across its labels.

My Tasting Menu –

A larger portion of vegetarian (for my family) and just one fish dish … this was my menu for the day. Since it happened to be my husband’s birthday coincidentally, Chef Vikas made sure to add his special touch with a birthday greeting emblazoned across the Tres Leches cake slice 😀

The music in the video, reflects the occasion 😀

Enjoy the rest of the menu in the pictures below.

Contact details –

Order through Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo to your preferred location. The detailed menu is available on these platforms.

The menu is also available on the Facebook Page of Mad Mex.

You can also use Swiggy Genie or Dunzo to any location in Bangalore.

Delivery Timings – 11:30 – 10:30 pm

Delivery Locations – 

Lavelle Road – 6366887481

Indiranagar – 6366887482

Whitefield – 6366887483

Priced at –  INR 95 upwards (plus tax)

For more pictures see My Facebook – Mad Mex

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August 27th, 2020

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